dick mouse

dick mouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Genetic Engineering (song)

Genetic Engineering (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Harvest of Fear is done by PBS, it has arguments for and against genetically modified foods. It makes some really good point. While it gives 12 arguments in all.

This website gives information on Genetic Engineering. That’s why I went ahead and called the link genetic engineering, but there are some downsides and upsides that this website also gives. 

This page tells some Arguments for and Against GMOs. It especially points out something that happened to rats when they ate modified soy and corn.

This one has some pros and cons, hint Helpful or Harmful. It also tells you about it as a whole, then it concludes it, like a paper does.

This web page tells all about the Infertility issues that arises with eating genetically modified foods. Surprisingly enough as huge as an issue as this might seem not that many people know about it!

This one has tons of Advantages and Disadvantages . But mostly advantages. It also has quite a few of videos. And at the very bottom there’s a servery question on if you support it or not.

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